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Thanks so much for your work on my wild turkey.  Your paint work is the best I’ve seen.  It’s more than obvious that your years of experience and artistic talent make your mounts come to life!  Mounting birds take an extra attention to detail and specialized talent, and you can be rest assured, I’ll be bringing more birds your way. Keep up the great work and thanks again for your outstanding customer service!


John J. Morgan, Certified Wildlife Biologist 

Small Game Program Coordinator

KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources




30 years ago I was invited to go on turkey hunt in southeastern Ohio. I had only seen a few turkeys in the area I lived and thought it might be a nice experience.

That hunt was the start of my obsession of hunting the wild turkey. In my first 6 years I had many close calls before I harvested my first turkey. Over many years I learned to turkey hunt by making mistakes and learning the hard way.

Since then I have been blessed to harvest many birds including 3 grand slams and I am currently working on my fourth.

I became involved with the NWTF about 20 years ago and met many good people during those years.

This is how I was introduced to Ed Hancock of Full Fan Taxidermy.

I have several turkeys mounted and have use a few different taxidermists. After a horrible experience with a taxidermist in Ohio I contacted Ed to mount a trophy Florida Osceola for me.

I have yet to find anyone who can mount a turkey as good as Ed can. Not only is Ed a fine craftsman, but he is also a very nice and honest man. Ed will not tell someone something unless it is true.

I also respect Ed because he is a turkey hunter himself and he also is involved with the NWTF to help improve turkey hunting not only in Kentucky but also in his neighboring states.

I fully recommend Full Fan Taxidermy to anyone who wants a first class mount from someone who cares for your bird and wants to make you another satisfied customer.

Ed will be my taxidermist as long as the good lord blesses me with the ability and the means to continue turkey hunting.


David Williamson

Amelia, Ohio



I was fortunate enough to harvest a great turkey during the 2010 season that I decided to have mounted.  Having meet Ed Hancock at an event at Bass Pro Shops, Cincinnati,  I decided to call Ed and deliver my turkey to him.

My wife and I had been hunting together the day the bird was harvested and we talked and decided to have the bird mounted in full strut.

The mount turned out GREAT and is now displayed on top of our entertainment cabinet in our living room on proud display for all of guests to admire.

 I have had MANY compliments on the mount and have been told how alive the mount looks.

I would HIGHLY recommend Full Fan Taxidermy to anyone looking for a great turkey mount, not only for an exceptional mount but also for  Ed’s personal,  friendly, and outstanding customer service.  Ed works with clients to ensure satisfaction.


Mickey Grey

Crittenden, KY