Field Care Tips




Ideally a turkey shot at 40+ yards with 4-5 shots to head that dropped dead would be ideal!!!

Unfortunately this never happens so let me walk you through proper field care.  Try to get the turkey’s head up alert or out gobbling.  Don’t shoot your turkey while in strut as there will be damage to the back feathers and tail.  After the shot, if the turkey is flopping try to get it up off the ground.  Continuous flopping is like taking sand paper to the feathers.  Start with wrapping a paper towel around the head, tie off with string and placing into a Ziploc bag.  This is going to keep blood off of the feathers and you.  When you get home redo this step (see Picture #1).


Field Tip 1

Next you need to sandwich the tail with cardboard to keep tail feathers straight and not broken (see Picture #2a).


Field Tip 2a

 At this point your turkey should look like this (see Picture #2b).

Field Tip 2b


Now tuck head under wing and place into large trash bag.  Making sure all air is out of the bag as this is where freezer burn starts.  Now your turkey should look something like this (see Picture #3).  Write your name, address, phone #’s and tag information on the cardboard.

Field Tip 3


Now your turkey is ready for the freezer…

Turkey received like this (see Picture #4) Do Not Do…most likely results in broken tail feathers as well as blood all over the breast feathers along with freezer burn to head and feet.  When this happens it results in extra time and work cleaning off excess blood, repairing or replacing damaged feathers (extra costs).  The quality of your mount depends on how well you do the field prep prior to receipt at Full Fan Taxidermy.

If you are going to be shipping us your turkey, place the turkey into a box or plastic tote.  Fill with news paper and ship “next day air” on a Monday to us.  I will call and let you know when it arrives.



Waterfowl should be cleaned of all blood and body fluids and not kept with other birds.  Ideally if it will fit into a large Ziploc bag, then fill with water and freeze.  If not, place paper towel in mouth and tuck head under wing.  Place into a plastic bag and make sure all air is out.  Then wrap in 2-3 more bags to help prevent freezer burn and then place in freezer.